Friday, May 8, 2015

Limbo, Limbo, Limbo!!

Sounds like some sort of a dance. When did my life decide to take dancing lessons?!? And did it forget it has 2 left feet?

Not much news in a bunch of areas, so random smoosh because this is the only shot I have at making a blog post.

Found out the guy that Fred hit is still in the hospital with respiratory failure and has been on a vent. Yikes! We've been praying for his full recovery. And also that God would heal his brain for thinking he can walk in the road wearing dark clothes at 6 in the morning. Not that I'm bitter about it. I think it's more floored that someone would be that stupid.

The whole thing made it in the news. Pictures of Fred's car with the busted windshield on all the local channels was a bit surprising. I think what surprised us the most is how it was repeatedly reported that the driver stayed on the seen and was cooperating with police. Really? I guess it is very common and the cops were truly surprised he stayed and called the cops himself. He followed all the instructions of the operator and was about ready to preform CPR when the cops showed up and took over. I still feel really bad for the guy's family - someone has been in his room with him no matter what time of day it has been. I hope if they are in a suing mood they'll sue the city for not having sidewalks in that area and leave Fred out of it.

As if all that wasn't fun to deal with we've been having the water heater going out. Took the rental company a couple weeks to replace it. It was a toss up of did we have hot water or just kidding! Fred had a few days where he didn't have a shower because the scene from Groundhog Day where the guy leaps out of the shower came to mind.

Good times.

Said no one.


I was at work last week and I was standing over an open drawer of patterns when I bumped my hand and the diamond in my wedding ring flew out. I looked down at the drawer and promptly muttered sh!t! We were about ready to leave for the night, the patterns were the last thing we were working on and now this. Thankfully I found the diamond, not in the drawer after we took the whole thing apart, but it had flew behind the stack of patterns I was putting away.

Then I had to suffer through a week without my rings because none of my rings will fit that finger. I felt so exposed and nekkid! I even had someone ask me if I was going through a divorce after noticing my lack of rings. I told my sad tale of woe to the nosy creeper. I'm always surprised and what people notice and have the gull to comment about. I then took slight pleasure informing her that her stack of coupons had all expired. Another moment where my issues decided to show up and top someone else's crazy.

It's not a competition, Joanna! Although in my defense if you had any idea how many times a shift I get comments about my name you would understand why I bring the crazy. There is only so many times before I go all extra snarky and bring it. Because this is what I hear and I have replied with this depending on the mood and the person because there are just people who can't take a joke.
"Hey do you own the store?" Why yes, yes I do. I'm just really into customer service.
"Are you the actual Jo-Ann?" No. I have an A on the end so clearly I can't be her even though she technically doesn't exist as the name was a combination of 2 daughters.
"Are you undercover boss?" Yes, and the A on the end is part of my secret identity.
"Since it's your store can you give us an extra discount?" Ah-ha- no.
"Do they give you an extra discount for your name?" No, but I have asked. Repeatedly.
"You should just have an arrow on your name tag pointing to the logo on the apron." No, because that will only confuse the mentally challenged people who would then ask me why is my name arrow, or if that was a symbol for peace in another language.

I wish I was kidding.

And before you say no one can be that ditzy than come on down to the city! Because we have every type of nut job you can imagine and a handful that you can't! Like the lady that cussed her phone Klingon. Or the couple that were dressed like ghost-busters. I can make a list. But I don't have time. That's how long the list would be.

But Fred found a jewelry designer who not only fixed it, but made it better. Even resized the anniversary band and just made it look better than it ever did AND he didn't rake us over the coals. Whole thing cost us under a 100 bucks! Super happy! Turned a crappy situation into a wonderful blessing.

And speaking of blessing - we celebrated Jared who is now 16! Dude is still hilarious. He certainly can make any situation better to go through just through his shenanigans. He continues to be joy to be around even when he's being a bit a twerp. He's now 2 inches taller than Fred but those 2 will wrestle to the point where I'm concern for the furniture. My folks came down to wish him a happy b-day and the in-laws will be rolling in sometime tonight for a weekend visit.

Hoping for a good weekend and some nice weather, all while I try not to think about all the other junk floating out there. Because LIMBO!! Now I must do a conga line singing limbo, limbo, lim-bo!
OR I'll just lay down and take a nap. That sounds better.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Well Dunk My Butt In A Bucket Of Vinegar And Call Me A Pickle

Because we are in a pickle....again.

Why can't I seem to get it through my head that I'm not a normal person and therefore don't get to experience normal things in a normal way??? Normal people apply for a mortgage and provide their paperwork and done. For us? Not even close!

If you've been through a foreclosure, most lenders will turn you down flat. Doesn't matter that it was later determined that you were wrongfully foreclosed on because that doesn't show up on your credit report. You only get to apply for "special programs" for losers people like you.  It turns out that you can't even think of getting a mortgage until it has been 3 years after your house was yanked out from under you the sheriff's sale. We sat for 2 years in foreclosure status before that even happened. And heaven help you if your loan officer turns out to be a douche bag turd blossom like ours has been who has dragged his feet every.step.of.the.way. and doesn't bother to let you know little things like what paperwork is needed or if you're approved or not. Fred has had to email this guy constantly to get updates.

Our sad tale of woe had to go before an underwriter and special committee which we were supposed to know the outcome of all that weeks ago. We found out that the first committee turned us down because said turd blossom didn't bother to tell them the dates and all that jazz, so they thought we were a couple months shy of the okay we'll look in your general direction period. Had to get a copy from from old city to prove it has been more than 3 years and we are in the clear. We think he was going to let us get turned down without much of an explanation. Since Fred was on top of it, they are re-reconsidering. That was 2 weeks ago and we've heard nothing. Time marches on and we have to renew our lease with the worthless rental company by the end of this month. It's not looking good.

That banging noise you hear is me slamming my head into a wall to just end it all. Especially since all the houses we were looking at have all sold while they make up their minds. Which is confusing because we thought we already had approval for the loan or we never would have gone house hunting to begin with so there's that pickle. Since the guy tends to avoid us when there is bad news, we've come to the conclusion it's not going to happen. I think they are hoping we'll just slink away back to our sad little hole because how can he justify stringing someone along like that? We've already come up with Plan Q, which may stand for quit making plans because they don't work out.

Another pickle is last week - I can't even remember what day it happened - Thursday, I think? Fred was on his way to work about 6 a.m. It was dark, raining, no street lights, busy street. He got over into the lane for the highway ramp and there was a man walking in the street and Fred hit him. Fred is fine, the guy is still in ICU. The cops have said it wasn't Fred's fault, but we're still upset over the whole thing. The guy was wearing dark clothes, no flashlight to warn people he was there. That guy was going to get hit. It's too bad it was Fred. Car insurance won't pay for squat because we have everything but collision. But they have informed us that if we get sued by the guy they will handle all of it. Come again?

It was that last part that sort of made me snap. I asked if we could sue the guy for damaging our car and for being an idiot for walking in the road, in dark clothes while it was dark out. I've been told that's kind of cold so it sounds like that's a no. The car is fine, just needs a new windshield and we'll have to live with the dent in the hood for now. The frustrating part is we just got the guys' car back from the shop and now Fred is driving it until we can get the new windshield. Part of me is like yay we were prepared for once, while the other part is you got to be #@$! kidding me!!!! I don't blame him for not wanting to drive his car until it's fixed. I'm praying he doesn't relive the whole thing over and over. He's picked up a lot of overtime, I'm hoping that keeps him busy so he's not constantly thinking about it. He had to find another way to go to work because idiots down here walk in busy streets and act like they own the road.

All of this is right after me coming back from the homeschool convention. It was wonderful! We had tons of laughs, lots of encouragement, and I felt some serious nudges. But I'm really confused by those nudges. Mom is the heart of the home - she knows the pulse and what all is going on, but that only happens if she's actually home. (And not distracted but that's a whole different blog post.) I already know this and I haven't been happy at all about our current situation. I sort of got crappy with God saying hey, you want me home - make it happen. And then I came home to all this other mess going on and that just makes my head hurt even more.

Then my mother calls and goes off on me about the guys. I know our situation isn't normal, nor ideal, but it is what it is. And something new I'm facing, all those congratulations for homeschooling have now turned into digs about what are the guys doing NOW?! I'm still a firm believer to ask 19 year olds to figure out the rest of their lives has to be some form of insanity. They better know before they strap on all that debt of a student loan, because I know a lot of people that are having to work 2 jobs just to barely survive and for what? Most of them did not pursue or couldn't get a job in the field of their degree. So to just go to college because it's the normal thing to do? Well....that leaves me questioning normal. Seeking wisdom and putting together a plan doesn't seem to fit well with most people's normal.

Then again, all our plans have gone up in smoke, so apparently my 2 cents worth doesn't mean much.

There have been pluses and once a few more things line up, things are going to shift here. Although, it turns out the twins are better teachers than I am because Jared is already done with his schoolwork and is on summer break thanks to all their help. And Nicholas has everything graded! I should have put him in charge years ago! They've all stepped up and had to do stuff to help out that they normally wouldn't have had to do. So yay for learning lessons! But things need to shift and my problem is I wanted it to shift months ago. The guys were teasing me that I'm just presented with another opportunity to strengthen my patience muscle. Which I said they are still alive so my muscles are fully developed. That and I said bite me, can't wait to see you in the real world and how you get to put this into practice yourself.

We've known for many years I'm not the mature one of the group, but I still have Jared a little bit.

And in the midst of all this, God has put a few people on my heart to really pray for and to encourage them. Not exactly sure how well that is going to be received. I was in a session with Heidi St John and oh my gosh she is hilarious. She has a way of smacking you upside the head but not in a mean way. It was just truth and in a funny way, but when you really thought about what she said you realized you just got smacked. Things like not being distracted and really being there. Because we've all been there but not there, if you know what I mean. I'm taking notes like crazy and the whole time I felt like the Holy Spirit was saying so and so would really be encouraged by this. I'm all like, well they aren't here so sucks to be them, and kept going. Until it came time to buy some of those sessions on CDs. I felt that weight press on me and it was like I just lost 10 rounds of rock, paper, scissors and we hadn't even started yet. Nice to see I've matured somewhat and bought the CDs. We'll leave off that they are still sitting in the backpack and I haven't unpacked it yet. I got through step one with little resistance, so that has to count for something, right? Right?

I see a few things down the road that I need to make myself be available for, and I'm not sure how to make that happen. Sitting back and waiting on God to make it happen has not worked at all. Matter of fact, things got a lot worse until I said, 'fine, screw you I'll do it myself.' Not saying that is the best attitude to have, but there have been a lot of learning lessons along the way that makes me wonder if that was His intention all along and I was just a bit slow to pick up on it. For starters, God has been all over me about being bitter. My first response was me? Bitter? Ya think? I've been informed that was proving the point and the fact that I've so willingly embraced it is a problem. The sad thing is I actually wanted to justify why I was bitter and list all the reasons 

Not fun to pickle myself with all the emotional stews we have going on. I hope someday all of this will make sense. I mean, I can't be the only cucumber out there that is surprised to find it has turned into a pickle. And the irony is I don't like pickles.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Hunt

House Hunting! A fun little game that will cause you to feel happiness, dread, anxiety, the need for chocolate, therapy, and the realization that you might need marital counseling. To say the last few weeks have been a whirlwind would be an understatement. Cuh-razy! It seems that everyone and their brother is out house hunting right now.

We had a lovely list only to have half the list disappear as there were already offers on the table. One of the first houses we looked at had an offer right after we viewed it. It was too small for us, but it was a bit weird to see things go that fast. That's sort of been depressing. We've been searching the web, have things marked, send it to our realtor only to get an email back that it sold already.

Well, okay then.

We had two contenders which we could make work. Nothing has screamed this is the one! At least not in our price range. Both are split levels. I don't like split levels. I'm living in a split level currently because I am allergic to being homeless. While I know I can make it work - I'm still not thrilled. But if I were to take a moment and be honest, I don't think I would be thrilled with anything short of an HGTV miracle. I think my issues are showing again. That and I'm spending too much time on Pinterest drooling over huge kitchens that would make Martha Stewart say, "Now that's a nice a kitchen!" And my budget won't met Martha half way.

It's moments like this I'm glad we got rid of cable. No remodel shows for me! Because one of the houses we had marked on our list to look at was in desperate need of an update. It also smelled like Granny had recently passed away, but I'm trying not to be creeped out by it. I've been told paint and new carpet will get rid of the smell and to stop being a baby about it.


It has a lot of potential, but all I saw was a ton of work. We were later talking about it and I surprised myself when I blurted out I'm just not mentally up for a massive home overhaul. I feel like I'm stretched thin. I'm stressed out about work because they don't have enough people to handle the store, so we are running on skeleton crews. The store is a mess, customers are mad, and the workers are all frazzled. The thought of tackling anything right now makes me want to crawl into bed and not come out for at least a year.

The only bright spot in all of this is the two houses are on the other side of Indy hopefully away from all the ghetto and potholes that lead to China with a slight delay in hell. At least that was the case until yesterday morning three more homes popped up that have higher points than the other two we were considering.

Clearly the need for chocolate is screaming right now, but I'm back to being happy that there are some more options.

The marital issues have been interesting because we had a couple houses that we walked through only to have one say, "I love it!" while the other one is saying, "I hate it!" and the equal looks of horror have been comical. One house that Hubby was insisting we look at is only something he could pull. Think old, lonely, once upon a time grand dame with her paint chipping here and there with no means for a new do. You should have seen his instant look of love while my look screamed, "Run Forrest, Run!" I'll give the guy credit - tons of potential, but I'm fast to remember yesteryear of living through something you're trying to fix up with limited funds. N-O! Not only no, but hell no! I'm not sure he's forgiven me yet. The property taxes on this thing is just nuts, not to mention I got the vibe that there is potential of monumental expenses creeping under some of that peeling paint.

Jared had been totally against this house as it screams Allegan house all over again - only no where near as dumpy. Michael sided with his dad as they drooled over all the details of the house and Nicholas remained neutral, for once, and took the stance that ANYTHING is better than what we've lived in. Imagine the struggle J and I both had when we had to keep our facial muscles normal when we heard it's now pending thus taken off the market.

Oh darn.

So this leaves 2 split-levels. One built in the 60s and one built in the 80s. The 60s home is bigger but needs a new kitchen. The 2 full bathrooms are small. If we could do a new kitchen - it would be nice, but those bathrooms have been updated and will always be small. It has a lot of character - not a cookie cutter house. The neighborhood is non ghetto. The 80s house isn't too far from this one but it's smaller. But the kitchen is totally new. Small but all new appliances because down here people don't take their appliances I guess. 3 full bathrooms that are big, but the entrance way is horrible, Jared's room would be just a fuzz smaller than what he has now, and there is less square footage.

The hard thing is we have a really nice frig that has been sitting out in the garage that we can't wait to use again. I have an island that I'm sure my mom would pummel me if I got rid of and we could use these at the 60s house. It sort of bothers me to not use what I got. Not to mention the 80s house comes with new washer and dryer. My dryer is only 2 years old with my washer pushing 6 years. I think. I can't remember. So this leaves me circling around the whole bathroom thing. 3 big ones or 2 tiny ones? Ugh. Makes my head hurt.

And houses are going so fast, I'm sort of concern about waiting. But the bank is making us wait because it's just another day at the office for them while it's a complete nail biter for us. However, with these other homes just popping up, it seems it was a God timing thing that we are waiting. It's just brutal to watch stuff get snatched off the market before you can do anything about it. It's been bumpy, left us a bit grumpy especially since the furnace went out at this place and the rental company left us all weekend without heat. Yup. So ready to move.

As an extra bonus to all this stress, couple weeks ago we were out driving and I've found if I tell the guys NOT to hit a pothole, they will proceed to hit every flipping hole from here to the store and back. There was a known bad one and I said repeatedly don't hit it! Which he didn't but did hit the worse one hidden under a huge mud puddle. It was only a miracle that kept the tire from being ripped off - those new tires we just put on the car back before the snow flew. No, I'm not ticked off.....anymore. And I didn't rip the kid a new one but they should never be allowed to read the text messages I sent their dad after the whole ordeal. But now the service engine light is now on so yippy skippy on that. We've been too busy to get it into the shop and I'm trying not to sweat bullets about what it's going to cost.

My nerves - they aren't happy. Maybe it's a good thing I did get my tickets to go to the home school convention. I don't NEED to go, but I NEED the girl time away from life. That and I was informed they would show up and drag me along anyways, so I might as well make it easier on everyone and go willingly.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

George Period

I think I may change the name of aunt flo to George. This guy doesn't play around, and quite frankly, is an absolute beast of a bully. I was trying to come up with what all George could stand for like:
G- ginormous mess
E- exceedingly painful
O- outrageously annoying
R- rage induced emotions
G- greedy consumer of chocolate
E- epic torture that no mere mortal should have to endure

I was in mid-rant about George Period when Fred made the mistake of staying there is no P in George but that's when I told him that is George's last name - Period. Nuff said. End of discussion. Went so far as to try and be addressed as Mr. Period.

The other day I had spewed forth my weirdness on Facebook about not shaving my legs in a sad attempt at another layer of warmth, but remembered from past experience that I just get all itchy and then want to practice yeti calls. Since I have to close the store the next couple nights, I decided to de-yeti so I can't be forced to try the dare of practicing this over the intercom in a sad attempt to get rid of customers early.

The struggle is real, people.

So while I was in mid-shave it sort of dawned on me that it was a wee bit disturbing that I just named a female organ and man's name. And right there I had a cramp that was so intense that it about dropped me to my knees. I think I just angered George, because if felt like he just said, "bow to me and beg for mercy, you little human!!"

Sort of a blur now, so I'm not sure exactly how it went. But meds and chocolate were administered immediately and now I will go out into the public and face the coupon crazed masses who will try to argue with me.

Maybe we should pity them, because George has declared he will take no prisoners.

Monday, March 2, 2015

I'm Not Sure That Was A Smart Thing To Do

Hey! That could be the title of my autobiography that I'll never write. But for some reason this just sings me. And now I don't know how I feel about that or what that actually means. Great. Now I'm getting depressed. Okay, I was sort of already feeling it.

One of those weird train of conversations had happened and we ended up finding our old house is for sale. NOT GOING TO MOVE BACK. Thought I would put that disclaimer out there. But we were looking at pictures of it and was surprised to see they didn't change any of the stuff we did but did some more improvements. From what we can gather someone bought it and tried to flip it but it isn't happening. They bought it 2 years ago in February. I really feel bad for them if they tried to live there in February.

Anyone remember my old posts of yore of how freezing that place was and how I had to thaw out the washing machine every other day from January to March? Anyone?

But I was sort of pouting about seeing our old house until we were talking with the bank about getting a mortgage and it turns out when you go through foreclosure and all that junk, that it goes better for you if your old house sold. The minimum is 2 years. Looks like we just squeaked through the line. Okay, that did make me feel a little better. On top of that, it looks like we might be house hunting by the end of the month.

That progressed rather quickly. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it. We had to basically give our sad tale of woe to explain our credit history. It was rather depressing looking at the last few years however, it does show we've got some serious grit to ourselves by pressing ahead. Still waiting to see if they are impressed with all our grit.

But something that helped snap me out of my funk was Kerri and family were coming through Indy on their way to their vacation spot. We had lunch at 5 Guys and hung out before I had to go into work. It was so good to see her again and yet it was so weird too. Fred had the day off so he dropped me off and took the guys home. He came and got me. I was so grateful he did because one of the manager's car wouldn't start. I was standing there watching him like it was no big deal, while I realized I had no clue on what to do or how to do it. I would be so screwed without him. I teased him that this was why I kept him around. He got a good laugh out of that one.

Although, I'm still slightly, but not really, steamed at him. The other night we were all bundled up in bed and I went to pull a cover up over my shoulder but my hand slipped off and I ended up punching myself in the nose. And my dear sweet husband laughed so hard his stomach cramped up. Jerk. He's still giggling about this days later. I told him I will have my revenge. I got some seriously cold toes just waiting to nail him when he doesn't suspect it. Trouble with this plan is he does expect it and therefore makes sure he has the sheet as his force-field as he is wrapped up like a mummy so I can't get to him.

Diabolical! It's like he knows! 20 years of marriage has taught him well.

Reality came blasting back in Saturday at work. We were so slammed that there was a 2 hour wait to get fabric cut. And people wonder why I don't want to learn how to sew. I've had the head manager get on my case that I need to take a couple of the classes we offer. I said I would try the one on how to frost a cupcake because cupcakes are accepting unlike sewing machines because they are possessed. She laughed and told me I was funny and I tried to get away before she could press the matter. I have an annoying feeling they want me to run the customer service desk. There are still some things I don't know so I can't do it and I'm okay with that. I'm trying to figure out how soon I can leave not get promoted!

It also didn't help that a major snow storm blew in that night. It came down hard and fast! By the time we got out of the store, the parking lot was covered and the highway was a mess. At one point I got up to 30 mph. And that was so I could get my butt over to the far lane. It wasn't anything I wasn't used to but not seeing the lanes makes it hard. 4 lane highway turns into follow the tracks! Who cares where they lead! Just go!!

I walked through the door declaring I was never leaving the house again. I have a feeling no one is taking me seriously. Especially since I had to work early this morning and tomorrow is grocery shopping day.
(Insert some pathetic plea for the rapture to happen but then make a snort noise as all my other pleas have all been ignored.)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Time To Pay The Piper

I think it is the little things in life that do make or break things. It's been a weird few weeks and trying to keep up with stuff just doesn't seem to be happening. I'm trying to focus on those nice blissful moments of peace and/or ignorance. Moments like my mom somehow managed to get my email address wrong and for the last few months I haven't had her normal flood of emails.

I, naturally, said nothing about this. That is until she called all huffy demanding to know why I haven't responded to her last 3 emails. Um, what? So after a while she finally figured it out. Pity. And she made up for lost time by sending me around 50 emails. That was yesterday. I thought my phone was going to explode from all the notices. Oddly enough, I haven't heard from my MIL either. Wonder if she got the email wrong too?

I've had 3 days off from work which I really needed as I've been having tension headaches for the last 2 weeks strait. Nothing has worked at getting rid of it. If I were to use any more peppermint oil, I would give a candy cane a run for its money. Too bad work has called asking me to come in and work. Um, no. No, thank you. I think I've about recovered from being the only closing cashier Monday night. It takes at the very least 2 people to get the bare minimum done.

I am counting down the days until I don't need to do this anymore. That is a long story all by itself. I don't have an end date yet as we are still working some stuff out, but it is getting closer. Hallelujah and Amen! Long story super short, that whole settlement money came with some hidden strings. Hidden strings like a whooping tax bill that we are busting our butts off to pay off. This was after we were told there wasn't going to be taxes on it. What a shock that the IRS lied to us. Okay, in their defense they were as clueless as we were about the whole ordeal, but can't say as I appreciate their bogus fees and interest rates. I'll leave it with the mob would be totally impressed with how this shake down went. We did our taxes earlier this week and I told Hubby having another kid would have come in handy right about now. We laughed. And then laughed some more. Then he said to stop making jokes like that because it scares him. Big baby.

But progress is being made, and we may be house hunting before too long as well. I find it both exciting and highly annoying to be in the weird limbo of just wait and see. Gathering info and making plans of attack when I would rather just sit in the corner and work at being a marshmallow. Seems reasonable. It's either that or I tackle Jared and force him to start shaving. Trouble with that plan is he is solid as a wall. Since I'm stuffed with too much fluff, I'm pretty sure all I would do is bounce off of him.

I think teenagers need to come with a disclaimer. Something along the lines of: will cause premature aging but it will be an adventure either way you slice it.

I've had to have bewb talk with him on more than one occasion as we were in line at the grocery store and a magazine cover caught his attention....for a really long time. I'm going to go out on a limb and say he should never, ever play poker as he has no poker face. I hate this stage because what can you say? Dude, stop drooling before you slip and fall? Yes, my son - those are bewbs and they are very powerful. You must stay away for as long as you can because they are kryptonite to mere mortals, and if I see you gawking like this again, I'm going to smack you upside the head with my purse.

On top of that, Sargent Fuzzy underestimates the power of his smelly pits. I've had a commandment that they can not hang out in the same jammies longer than 2 days or the wrath of mom will come down on them. They all ignore this from time to time, and even after suffering through many a wrath - I'm worn out, and they still stink. And let me point out that teenage boy stink is nothing compared to manly men stink! That stink could kill a tiger and I'm partially convinced this is why there are no tigers in the area. The older 2 are better at cleaning up. It might have something to do with me rubbing their cheek and then pretending it just cut my hand off. Jared is at this stage where he just has peach fuzz on the lip but 4 really, really long hairs on his cheeks. And it grosses me out for some reason. I'm still trying to recover from when I made a big fuss about it, so he grabbed a few strands, held it just so and chopped it off with my good scissors. He did the same thing for the other side and asked if I was happy. His brothers were on the ground laughing hysterically while all I could do was sputter.

Tell me again why I let them live?

Here's an added bonus. Leg hairs look like um, a certain area type it seems like my floors are all covered in ah, that certain area type of hair. Hey, I'm trying to keep the spammers at bay here, okay? But I can not underestimate how grossed out I can get. Needless to say, I've been having another round of questioning God and His reasons for giving me 3 boys.

Gal came through the line Monday and had the cutest baby and babies really are a nice way to start people. Because the next person in line had the biggest brat I had ever seen and the mom had no control over this kid. It was really awkward. After she left all I could say was "And this is why some animals will eat their young." Everyone cracked up laughing for some reason.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sometimes Ya Just Gotta...

Take a few days off! I'm not sure how or why I was scheduled the weekend off but you won't hear me complaining!! Well....I might complain, but it's more like the fact that they upped my hours after telling me I'll be begging for more work. I'm thinking someone either doesn't know me or is not being honest and are convinced if they tell me the truth, I'll run out the door screaming.

That is sounding like a high probability!

I was scheduled to work Friday night but I tried to get someone else to cover for me. I am slightly confused because one manager said it was no big deal and another manager said I better find someone to cover it or I was in trouble. By all means, fire me. It will save me from feeling guilty when I go to quit. I did feel bad because I made a gal a scarf and I think she felt liked she owed me, so she covered it for me. I'll just do what I normally do and make her some goodies and maybe another scarf and hope that will make up for it.

I think I have some issues. Not entirely certain.

The reason I HAD to take Friday off was because it was the book sale! Hallelujah, amen! It was time to load up on some more crack books! Not like I've had a lot of time to read lately but that's not going to stop me. And I couldn't disappoint the gals who were coming down, so I did what I must. I went and had a fabulous time as always. There were a few bumps like there is one lady that constantly hogs the Christian Fiction section. I think she might live under the tables because she is always there no matter how early we are standing out in the cold. But she likes to crowd us out by leaving all her bags in one section and then just keeps scooting next to us until we all take a step to the side or risk her attaching herself to our arm.

Eww! (said in your best Jimmy Fallon voice)

After peeling her off my arm, I gave up and went and checked out a few other areas and circled back around after a while to finally check out the section she guards with her life. About the 3rd book I picked up and put in my bag, she materialized out of nowhere and did her normal lean in and scoot. She does this every time. She's done shopping because she doesn't pick up any more books, but she clearly gets upset if I start taking too many books. It was weird. Seriously lady? You already had first crack at it, you got 3 bags worth of stuff, AND you didn't pick up anything else when we were there so what's the deal? I wasn't having it this time around. I had the high ground and I wasn't surrendering!

That may just be confirmation I really do have issues. I bet she has 15 cats at home. And they're the sane ones in her book hoarding little group.

But I got some good deals. Unfortunately, I bought the same book again. Fred has me beat on this one. He can't keep straight how many books he has read, so when we try to complete a series, doubles sometimes happens. I'm not sure what we'll do with the twin books. Not like anyone is going to want book #7 of a series they've never read. Then I went to put the books on the "to be read" shelf and there was no room. So I just piled the books next to said shelf. It's sort of sad. On top of that the already read box is over-flowing so looks like I'm going to have to spend a few hours straighten some things out. Translation - that's not going to happen.

Next we headed off to Trader Joe's and I think I should be slightly embarrassed that people go there for healthy food and I managed to score every single junk food they sell. I haven't managed to work up enough emotion for it to rise to the surface of actual feelings, but I'm sure it's there. Buried under a bag of cookie butter sandwiches. I haven't tried them yet but somehow I feel it is my duty to try something called cookie butter.

That went off smoothly and then we went to P.F. Chang's. Yum! However, we managed to score thee most grumpiest waitress in the tri-county area. Seeings how we are in the capital of Indiana - that's pretty impressive. This gal's snarl did put a damper on things. We were all skert to ask for anything else because just trying to get her to bring us lemons for our water was apparently too much of an effort. I offered up prayers that we would survive her and we managed to get out unscathed. I opened up my take-out box the next day and had to laugh. She didn't put the rest of my rice in the box. Well alrighty then! For as pricey as that place is I'm thinking they need to screen their staff a teensy bit more. But that's just crazy talk I guess!

People amaze me. I get having a bad day but there is having an off day and choosing to just be one nasty pill. I think if she would have smiled, her face would have cracked and fallen off. We've had a few regular customers like that where they want to argue over everything. They aren't pleasant, they can't smile, and are just nasty. And there is nothing you can say or do to change their attitude. Well, that's not true. I've found out I can make them go from mean to demon possessed in a few short seconds by not giving them what they want. Unpleasant!

And I think I have managed to convince the guys to swap where we grocery shop every other week. I can almost feel the bonds of stuffmart being pulled off of me! Except for the fact that after shopping there for years, we're used to certain things. But we went to Meijer this last time and we all agreed it was a pleasant shopping experience. Paid more money for everything but didn't feel the need to run people over with the grocery cart. That's got to count for something, right?

I think what we'll do is try to load up on certain items and that way we can swap back and forth. This greeter is really starting to wear on us. I just don't feel like standing around talking while blocking the exit to listen to her tell us the same stories or ask the same questions. It's like talking to my FIL. Yeah, no thanks! So maybe this is a good thing. It's forcing us out of our normal get in and get out/just trying to survive mentality. I'm also hoping we'll move to the other side of the city. At least the non ghetto part.

Saturday I made a Coke Cola Chocolate Cake. It was delish. I might make another one latter in the week because it's just that good. Sissy came down today and we had fun hanging out and finishing off the cake. Working on a snack list for next weekend. I still don't care about the Superbowl - I am in it for the commercials and the excuse to make this much dip. Bring it!